Friday, July 29, 2016

Just Venting

OK, please forgive me but I am about to explode here, so understand this post won't be full of hope or promise.  I'm upset, angry, disgusted and truly annoyed right now.  I just got a call from someone at Century 21 wanting to know when I would be ready to sell my property.

"What property?" I asked.

"The real estate property," she responded.

"What real estate property?"  I asked again, because I don't own any.

"The property in Andrew Carson's estate," she replied.

"How did you get my information?" I asked annoyed.

"The courthouse," she replied.

At this point I am ready to crawl through the phone and punch her.  How DARE these trolls peruse court documents from people who have died.  IF I had property to sell I would contact a real estate agent, I certainly do NOT want them trolling through my personal business.  I cannot believe the audacity of this person, who KNEW Andrew was dead and offered NO CONDOLENCES to start the conversation, just straight to the point of when could I sell so she could make some money.  I can assure you that CENTURY 21 will NEVER profit from Andrew or me - EVER.

"There is no property, he was only 20." And I hung up.

Stupid motorcycle.
Stupid people.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


When Andrew died and I had to talk to my brother, Chris, in England, he asked me if Andrew was an organ donor or had I considered it.  To be honest I had not even thought about it then as I was consumed by my selfish thoughts of how I was going to live without him.  I am so glad Chris asked me because then I asked the hospital if Andrew could be an organ donor.  They said someone would contact me.

The night I got home from the hospital LifeLink called me.  We spent over an hour on the phone with me answering countless questions about Andrew's life, health, and personal business.  I had to tell them he had never had a blood transfusion, he had never had an organ or tissue transplant, he had never slept with a prostitute, shared a needle, reused a needle, or had sex with a man.  I had to confirm that he wasn't a drinker or a frequent drug user.  The questions seemed endless but as I answered them I thought, "this kid is perfect, there is literally nothing wrong with him."  Yes, he had received two tattoos, but otherwise was a ideal donor candidate.

Now by the time this call came in and they asked if I would be willing to donate, Andrew had been dead too long for vital organs (heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc.) to be viable, but he could still donate heart valves, tissue, bone, corneas, and skin.  For those suffering from burns, bone disease, heart disease and the blind, Andrew could truly give them a gift.  I told LifeLink - take it all, take as much as you can, he would want to give it to others and so do I.  This was probably the only decision about his death that was obvious to me.  Andrew was gone, I could do nothing to bring him back, but he could provide benefit to someone else's life with his donation.

Several weeks passed then I received a letter.  They were able to harvest his heart valves, tissue, bone, cornea and skin and his donation would help many people.  I was sad because I missed him, but thrilled his life would be meaningful to others.  The bone alone would help up to 20 people.  Here is the letter.

Then a few more weeks passed and I received another LifeLink surprise in the mail.  I was so proud that Andrew had decided to be an organ donor when he got his driver's license.  I'm also grateful that Matt and I were able to honor Andrew's wishes by agreeing to the donation.  As such, LifeLink sent this note and gift.

Then I received a survey and I completed it and returned it.  On the survey I repeated my desire to share my contact information with any recipients who asked for it.  LifeLink called me just a week or so ago to let me know that request was on file with all of his donations and will be given to all recipients and then of course it would be up to them to reach out.  Fingers crossed, one day I will get to meet the person who received part of Andrew and I can see him living on.