Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trauma Room Dedication

If you ever talked to Andrew about his position as a Patient Access Specialist at Gwinnett Medical Center, then you knew how much he loved traumas.  He would get excited when they arrived, not because people were injured or sick, but because he loved the excitement and fast pace of the trauma team.  He told me about a young man his age that came in from a motorcycle wreck and lost his leg.  I asked if his mother was there and he said yes, rather sheepishly, knowing where that was headed.  He saw stab wounds, gunshot victims, overdoses, and many motor vehicle accidents, but he always talked about how they survived - a testament to the trauma team and how they respond.

On Monday, November 21st, Trauma Room 1 was dedicated, in loving memory, to Andrew Carson.  This was made possible by the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation and 18 people who made donations or pledges through the STARS program.  I was completely overwhelmed, when I learned what they had done, and equally thrilled it would Trauma Room 1 - Andrew's favorite place to do his work.

The Gwinnett Daily Post covered the dedication and you can read the article here. The pictures below are in the article as well and courtesy of Gwinnett Daily Post Staff Writer, Erika Wells.

I'm honored this was done for Andrew and unable to adequately express my gratitude.  Thanks doesn't seem to cover how much I love this and knowing that all who enter this room will now have the spirit of Andrew with them.


 A few of the folks who made it possible, from left to right, Lana Craddock, Lee Rodney, Detrick Johnson, Kristen Johnson-Ohlin, Sherri Creech, Cindy Finck, Deborah Hensley, and Starla Johnson.  Missing: Cathy Dougherty, Jay Dennard, Jason Chandler, Patty Lavely, Carol Fowler, Sue Troccia, Kelly Hurdt, Rebecca Lulusa, Tina Chapman, Sara Keegan, Jamie Lloyd, and Jill Smolarsky.  If others donated I am simply unaware - so please accept my apologies and gratitude!

 Thomas Shepherd (far left) opened the dedicated and Chuck Christie (far right) led the blessing.  Sherri Creech (center right) organized the donations with Foundation Director, Ginger Powell (not pictured).

Andrew's family that was able to attend, from left to right: Natalia Tsacheva (girlfriend), Matt Carson (brother), Wyatt Robinson (cousin), Sara Carson (aunt), Carey Robinson (aunt), Don Carson (grandfather), Lori Carson (mother), Sandi Swygert (great aunt), Becky Greene (great aunt), Mike Greene (great uncle) and Lindsay Robinson (cousin).

And I couldn't resist adding these pictures of me with Matt, Natalia, and then my sisters Carey and Sara.  It was an emotional day so forgive my appearance, I had too many tears and no make-up team!